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Our Clients 04/04/2019

Supporting Bridgestone Group since 2012

Supporting Bridgestone Group since 2012

In 2012, we were approached by the UK division of tyre manufacturer and distributor Bridgestone. They were gathering a lot of data on the sales and use of their tyres. What they needed was an easy way to access and organise this valuable information. Bridgestone asked us to devise a single online platform that could be accessed by their staff and by the dealerships and fleets who sold and used their products.

Global Enterprise

Bridgestone started life as the Bridgestone Tire Co. Ltd in 1930s Japan. Company founder Shojiro Ishibashi gave the company its anglicised name by translating and transposing the elements of his surname (ishi – ‘stone’ – and bashi – ‘bridge’). Despite its company headquarters in Tokyo being destroyed during the Second World War, the company went on to become a dominant player in the international tyre industry – taking the number one spot from Michelin in 2015.

The Initial Task

Bridgestone’s UK division challenged us to design an online platform that their employees could use to report on tyre and client statistics. Crucially, Bridgestone wanted the dealers and fleets that used their products to have partial access needed to the platform. A purpose-built intelligence system was the best solution to this problem. 

Four Step Process  

We implemented our simple four-step process.

  1. Strategy: We talked extensively with Bridgestone to gain an understanding of their data, company processes, user base and requirements.
  2. Solution: We sketched a design of how a system that met all of their requirements would work and gave them a quote for our costs and timescales.
  3. Development: We built and tested a platform for handling the Bridgestone data. When everyone was happy, we launched the system.
  4. Support: We continue to support Bridgestone with system updates and any alterations they require can be quickly implemented.

Total Tyre Manager

The bespoke platform we built for Bridgestone was called Total Tyre Manager and the original version was rolled out to about 100 internal users in the UK. Bridgestone were quick to recognise how useful a tool we had built them. The system is currently used in 18 European countries. 

Expanded System

Bridgestone asked us to expand their original system, so it could handle other types of data. We added modules that enabled users to analyse data on audits, breakdown information, fleets and dealerships.

Relevant Access Permissions

The ability to restrict user permissions is built into the system. Some users have only a partial access to the platform that allows them to view data relevant to them, whilst other areas of the platform are off-limits. 

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