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Recent Projects 01/12/2018

Referral Platform for Dental Profession

Referral Platform Design

A Dental Specialist approached us with the idea of improving communications between themselves and their referring dentists. They needed a secure platform, accessible by both dentists and specialists, that could be used for sharing patient information. 

The Brief

We were asked to develop, test and launch a platform that enables individual General Dentist Practitioners (GDPs) and dental practices to submit and manage patient referrals sent to a Dental Specialist. The system would allow incoming referrals to be easily downloaded for transfer to the existing in-house software.

The Old System

Many GDPs were still sending their patient referrals in by post. In order to transfer mailed referrals to the in-house software, a member of staff had to type up the details of the referral and enter them manually – a time-consuming and inefficient process. Having some files stored digitally and some being transferred as paper files also increased the risk of losing important information.

Benefits of the New Platform

The new platform is designed to have the following benefits:

  • Remove the need for GDPs to send patient referrals via post and other non-digital methods.
  • Improve the response time for referrals.
  • Improve the efficiency of transferring patient referrals to the in-house software.
  • Store all referral records in a single digital location and thus reduce the risk of lost documents.
  • Store digital copies of all correspondence between the Dental Specialist and the patient, allowing the GDP to monitor the progress of the patient’s treatment.
  • Provide a platform from which appropriate software and documents can be downloaded by the GDP.

The platform will be accessible to authorised members of staff at the Dental Specialist and through password-controlled user accounts at partnering dental practices. In the future, the platform could be could be used for additional applications such as the management and promotion of training events.

Adaptability of Platform

Wherever there is a need for secure data sharing between organisations, a platform such as this one provides a neat solution. The data is securely stored on the server and parties can only access the data that is relevant to them. The form of this system would be adaptable to many uses outside the dental profession.

Our business intelligence systems are built for your specific purposes – making them a much more user-friendly experience than all-purpose systems full of drop-down menus with options you will never need.

If you think a platform tailored specifically to your individual requirements could be useful, get in touch. Call the office on 01603 632552 or email any questions to