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Recent Projects 26/06/2018

Our Latest Project: Data Reporting Platform

Reporting platform dashboard

When we begin working with a new client, the first thing we do is take the time to understand their business. We look closely at its operations and identify area where our data solutions could make their business more efficient. The work we are carrying out for RWD Click is no different.

Whilst it is a company that we obviously know very well, we followed the exact same process to develop their new data reporting tool. The platform will allow clients of RWD Click to instantly access information related to their website’s performance in an easy to digest format. 

What Is Wrong with The Existing System?

Manual reporting poses a number of challenges. When working with a large client base, as in the case of RWD Click, it can be time-consuming to manually seek out relevant data and organise it into a format that clients will be able to understand. Manual data entry also exposes you to the risk of errors, as one slip of the finger could dramatically alter how a website’s performance is perceived.

From the client’s point of view, receiving too much data can also be overwhelming. Whether in the form of a report or through access to platforms such as Google Analytics, we find that clients are often left lost, confused and looking at meaningless data with no context.

How Will Our System Work?

Our data reporting platform will automatically draw data from a variety of sources, including:

  • Google Analytics
  • Google Adwords
  • Website Databases
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn

The data we gather will then be presented in a user-friendly manner based around six features that answer the most commonly requested questions. These are:

  • Ranking Information: “Where does my website appear on organic rankings for key search terms?”
  • Traffic Numbers: “How many unique visitors am I getting?”
  • Blog Statistics: “How much relevant traffic are my blogs generating?”
  • Lead Generation: “How many phone calls and emails are generated by my website?”
  • Social Media Reach: “How many likes/follows/shares and views am I getting?”
  • Advertising Costs: “How much is my paid advertising costing me per click?”
Reporting platform data

Industry Wide Rollout

We’ve built this system for RWD Click and, once the system is up and running, their clients will have access to the data through a user-friendly interface. Going forward, we aim to roll out the platform out later this year for use by other companies under licence.

The reporting platform we have built will:

  • Improve the value of the service you offer to clients.
  • Automatically aggregate data from multiple sources.
  • Enable staff to generate reports quickly and accurately – saving both time and money.
  • Allow for the addition and removal of data streams as required.
  • Produce reports in a format that is easy for clients to understand.
  • Help clients to better understand the performance of their website.

If you run a digital marketing agency and think this platform, or one tailored more specifically to your individual requirements, could be useful, get in touch. Call the office on 01603 632552 or email any questions to