Bespoke web applications

We develop business intelligence tools and management software for a fraction of the cost of large providers such as SAP, Oracle, IBM and Microsoft. Where these providers will fit your needs and requirements into THEIR prebuilt business intelligence software, we build bespoke to fit YOUR requirements.

Don’t let sheer volume of information obscure what’s valuable

We can create and maintain a web application that presents your data in a usable and user-friendly format. Having instant access to relevant information will help you and your management team make accurate and profitable decisions.

Purpose-built web applications

All of our web applications are built from scratch after a thorough consultation. Our team will gain a detailed understanding of your business needs and present a solution in the form of a web application. The people who built the system will be the people providing your users with technical support.

Four-step process


Before we build your web application, we’ll gain a thorough understanding of your data, company processes, user base and requirements: all the information to develop a strategy that specifically targets your data presentation needs.


We’ll present the system design and functionality to you. Once you’ve agreed what the web application will look like and the scope of its capabilities, we can provide a full quotation and timescale for delivering the project.


We don’t try and force a fit between an existing tool and your data requirements. We build bespoke data-handling systems and web applications with user-friendly interfaces that will enable you to examine your data in useful ways.


Once your web application is launched, we’ll provide continuing maintenance. We can host your system on our secure servers, and provide data management services and business hours technical support from the same team that built it.

Applications of our business intelligence systems.

Our purpose-built platforms can be designed with specifications that meet the needs of a variety of economic sectors.

Bridgestone Screenshot

We built a bespoke platform for Bridgestone, the world's largest tyre manufacturer.

The brief

Bridgestone’s UK division asked us to design an online platform that could be used by their employees and associate dealerships to report on tyre and client statistics. Crucially, Bridgestone wanted the dealers and fleets that used their products to have only partial access to the platform.

The solution

The bespoke platform we built for Bridgestone was called Total Tyre Manager (TTM). The original version was rolled out to about 100 internal users in the UK. Bridgestone was quick to recognise how useful a tool we had built them. The system is currently used in 18 European countries.

Ongoing support

We’ve worked closely with Bridgestone to ensure optimal running of the TTM system. Bridgestone asked us to expand their original system so it could handle other types of data. We added modules that enabled users to analyse data on audits, breakdown information, fleets and dealerships.

Total Tyre Manager Screenshots

“The online tool was delivered to us on time, and to budget – furthermore it is an industry leading online reporting tool, capable of handling massive volumes of data – very quickly. As far as Bridgestone UK Ltd and myself are concerned, these guys are very reliable, very honest and deliver work to a very high standard.”

Paul Sheehan from Bridgestone
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